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Four Hands Massage

In a world where massages can calm even the most deeply wounded bodies, there is a relatively new massage therapy in Dubai, that leaves guests fully submerged in nirvana relaxation. It is a unique and one of a kind experiences that every individual must try. The massage provides a unique mental stimulation in addition to the deep physical relaxation effect provided by the 4 hands which massage at the same rate. With both body hemispheres being vigorously massaged simultaneously by two therapists, the brain is unable to process the information, making way for a deep relaxation state. Given that the massage uses a combination of techniques, it is understood that the benefits associated are endless. Some of them include effective relief from stress and anxiety and improved blood circulation. Apart from this it eases muscle pain and also gives you two massage services in one session.

 AED 300 / 60 mins
AED 400 / 90 mins

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